Mark Martinez



Director, Pulp and Paper Centre

Associate Head - Undergraduate (2009/10)

Years with CHBE: Since 1999
email: martinez(at)chbe(dot)ubc(dot)ca

Docent, Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm), 1999
Ph.D., University of British Columbia, 1995
M.A.Sc., University of Toronto, 1990
B.A.Sc., University of Toronto, 1987

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Fluid mechanics, flow visualization, multiphase flows and computational fluid dynamics with applications to industrial problems.


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  • Swedish Paper and Cellulose Engineers Association - SPCI
  • Pulp and Paper Technical Association (Canada) - PAPTAC
  • Institute of Applied Mathematics
  • Complex Fluid Laboratory


  • CHBE 230 - Computational Methods
  • CHBE 251 - Transport Phenomena I
  • CHBE 401 - Mechanical Pulping and Papermaking
  • CHBE 557 – Fluid Mechanics


  • Particle tracking in opaque suspensions with applications to pulp and paper processing flows (NSERC/Discovery Grant)
  • Smart spacers for extended reach horizontal well cementing in offshore BC (NSERC)
  • Power Consumption in Pressure Screens (NSERC CRD)
  • Optimization of Mechanical Pulp Quality in Multi-Stage Reject Refining Systems (NSERC CRD/Norske - Canada)
  • Low Cost Method to Optimize the formation potential of papermaking furnishes (NSERC CRD/Paprican)
  • Electrical Energy reduction in mechanical pulping and pulp processing (NSERC CRD/BC Hydro)
  • Dewatering of Flocculated Suspensions (METSO Corp.)
  • Displacement and Mixing in Well Construction Flows (NSERC CRD/Schlumberger)

LIGHT Dr. Mark Martinez’s research activities focus essentially on the behavior of papermaking fibre suspensions. These suspensions often exhibit complex behavior not seen in ordinary fluids such as water. Dr. Martinez uses both novel visualization techniques, such as positron emission tomography (PET) and pulsed ultrasound Doppler anemometry, and computational fluid dynamics to help elucidate the mechanism by which these suspensions flow. Dr. Martinez is a member of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and has active collaborations with researchers in Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and TRIUMF.

Photo to the left: Utilization of a flowing pulp fibre suspension through an axisymmetric sudden expansion (courtesy of Dr. Martinez)




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